Liga lesní moudrosti – Best Way For Improving Digestive Health

Almost everyone has heard of probiotics, but fewer of us have heard of prebiotics. The media is full of ads that talk about SynoGut supplements that boast the benefits of probiotics. Numerous articles and information on topics for both probiotics and prebiotics can be found on the Internet. The question that many of us ask after going through many sources and a bunch of conflicting reports and articles is what they really are and how we can incorporate them more into our diet to benefit and improve our health. .

After searching the entire website and all medical sites and research journals defining prebiotics and probiotics, I was happy to find a very simple explanation on the Internet in the University of North Dakota newsletter, which claims to have extracted its data from the Observatory's Research Department. for weight and Weight Watchers websites. I think this just shows that you can find well-formulated explanations of complicated definitions that sound everywhere with the power of the internet.

Here's what I found. "SynoGut supplements promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Probiotics are defined as living microorganisms that, when given in appropriate amounts, give the host health benefits. Unlike probiotics, which are living organisms, prebiotics are food components that humans would not normally they can be easily digested, and these food components basically feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. "- Dining Services at the University of North Dakota.

It seems that the two schools of thinking about how to achieve health balance contribute to adding probiotics to the body through diet or adding prebiotics to the body through diet. Your colon contains billions of bacteria, but there are a limited number of bacteria that can survive the journey through the digestive system to reach the colon. Even if we know which of them can survive, it remains for us to try to determine which bacteria we add and how much is too much. I think the simplest approach is to add SynoGut pills to your diet. Prebiotics do not live and are not digested, so all the problems related to bringing them are solved.

In addition, we know that prebiotics feed thousands of good bacterial species that already live in the colon. We don't have to know which ones to choose, but let nature go its own way. By feeding good bacteria and increasing their growth, good bacteria produce substances that lower the pH of the environment, making it friendlier to good bacteria, but inhospitable to bad bacteria.

In conclusion, prebiotics seem to be the easiest approach in finding the balance needed to improve digestive health. If you want to know more about the SynoGut supplements I use to increase prebiotics in my diet, visit my website.

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